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Team Canada Synchronized Swimming 2000 Olympics

Posted On: October 13, 2011
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Equipe du Canada de natation synchronis ee lors des JO 2000 de Sydney ... Team Canada Synchronized Swimming 2000 Olympics

  1. 66meme says:

    WOW that was amazing they did all the different olympic sports I like the cycling the best lol im pretty sure that 4 05 is skating or dance oh yeah and my freind is a swimmer and we do push up test in school well we can enerally do hmmm 25-40 push ups but man her goal is 150 goes to show how strong swimmers are so i wouldnt be rude

  2. GoldenSun says:

    Hey I m a synchronize swimmer and it is NOT AN EASY SPORT I spend Five days a week in the water AND I m more fit than all of the guys in my class It s so much more difficult than you can imagine so I would try it before you stay stupid remarks

  3. ToMuchAtOnce says:

    Somebody knows the theme beggins at 4 05 I ask before without luck is wonderful please something who knows Tha woman says at le music per vibre la foula o something like this please anybody who knows Thanks and 5 stars again thanks RGsuperFAN